Taylor Man’s Custom Jigs Product Review

// January 26, 2015

By: Dustin Warncke, Staff Writer

Fishing for bass with jigs is slowly starting to become my favorite way to fish. While you might think that all jigs are created equal, I assure you this is not the case. One exceptional lure company that I highly recommend is Taylor Man’s Custom Lures. Whether you are looking for a quality spinnerbait, buzzbait, jig, or other type of lure, I highly recommend the full line of products that Taylor Man’s Custom Lures offers on Garilo.com.

James Huskey started Taylor Man’s Custom Lures (TMC) back in 2008 in Reedsville, North Carolina. Back then, Huskey was an avid bass fisherman who grew tired of the lures he used falling apart after only a short amount of time. He took a break from fishing and, after returning to the sport, he noticed that many of his lures made by popular lure manufactures were not standing the test of time at all. He set out to build high quality custom lures that would withstand the rigors of fishing and last for years of use. Incorporating materials like silicone bands and stainless steel wires, TMC lures are a cut above the rest in workmanship and overall quality. This is one reason TMC lures are sought after by major retailers and professional bass fishermen all over the USA and abroad. Serious fishermen looking to land big fish use them both nationally and internationally.

TMC jigs are an excellent example of the quality workmanship that I look for when selecting lures in the fishing realm. This company sources some of the best materials available for manufacturing a high quality handmade product. This is far different from many of the lure companies on the market today who mass produce lures with little attention to finer details. All of their jigs are made in various sizes, models, and colors.

In my view, there are a few criteria that make a high quality jig. A jig must have a good weed guard, thick skirt, durable paint job, a hook that’s strong and sharp, and be at a reasonable price. Does that sound too picky? It’s really not asking that much and TMC jigs fit the build on every one of these points:

Weed Guard: Each jig is manufactured with a color-matched, heavy fiber weed guard so you can pull through thick cover without getting hung up.

  • Skirt: TMC Jigs feature living rubber skirts or premium silicon skirts. They also use long lasting silicon skirt collars. Living rubber is unique in that it responds to the slightest current or other motion and better imitates a real crayfish in action.
  • Paint Job: Each jig features a durable and hard painted finish that will outlast competitor’s jigs. Colors range from white, black, brown, and camo.
  • Hook: Each jig features a Gamakatsu hook which is razor sharp and design to hook up and hold your fish for good. Hook sizes range from ¼oz to 1oz.

Jigs can range from small Finesse jigs to the larger flipping, football, and swim jigs. There are multiple ways to fish jigs and different jigs for different scenarios. Personally, my favorite jig is flipping jig or football jig. I like to flip jigs in standing timber, lay-downs, and other heavy cover or structure. However and wherever you fish, I highly recommend you give TMC Lures a try. Taylor Man’s Custom lures will spoil you for any other brand of lure on the market.

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